This leading CPG company produces and distributes beverages internationally, with a portfolio of more than 300 premium beer, cider, spirit, wine and soft drink brands. The company employs over 80,000 employees and operates breweries, malteries, cider plants and other production facilities in more than 70 countries.










Challenge: Digitally Transform Operations

As the business grew more complex due to the addition of more SKUs and supply chain challenges, it required a level of cohesiveness that was previously lacking. The company wanted to reinvent its business and digitally transform operations in order to drive greater operational efficiencies. When evaluating its operating model from the ground up, the company was faced with a number of challenges:

WORK DELIVERY – There was an absence of global and regional standards for executing work across its network of 200 breweries. Many of its procedures were still paper-based and contained inaccurate information.

WORK EXECUTION – Not only did the company lack visibility into the work executed by frontline workers, but it often led to gaps and inaccurate information captured. They also noticed there was a lag in work execution between business functions (operations and maintenance) and business systems, like ERP and MES systems.

INSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE – The retirement of an aging frontline workforce meant they were taking with them years of tacit knowledge, resulting in a brain drain across production and logistics. The company needed to shrink the gap between the retiring workforce and the younger generation coming in.


Getting Started: Connecting Systems, Machines and People

The overarching vision to digitize all of its factories meant the company needed to think more holistically about how to achieve its goal. By adopting a connected worker solution, it provided transparency and accountability into all workflow procedures.

The company embraced the concept of the “connected brewery,” meaning that all equipment, people and operations are connected, breaking down information silos between workers, IoT-enabled machines, and traditional ERP and MES systems. This allowed the company to achieve a new level of operational efficiency by streamlining and optimizing workflows.

Digital Improvements: Driving Greater Operational Efficiencies

Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform allows the brewery to digitize static, paper-based standard operating procedures (SOPs) into mobile- and multimedia-friendly formats. It provides workers with clear step-by-step instructions on how to conduct work across safety, maintenance, training and quality among breweries regionally and worldwide. By capturing human activity data on the frontlines, the company now has a detailed view into who did it, what did he/she find (with supporting pictures or videos) and even how long certain tasks take.

Operations managers can tap into human activity data captured in Parsable that can help get better insights into production processes – providing them with accurate data at their fingertips. These insights enable them to adjust, improve and streamline workflows, create new efficiencies and create higher-quality products throughout the production chain. It ensures work is being carried out efficiently, effectively and safely – three areas that would otherwise suffer with the loss of veteran expertise.

The older frontline workers have years of expert knowledge, which include memorized instructions. With Parsable, the company was able to ensure that tribal knowledge was captured and recorded in the mobile app. This not only accelerates time-to-competency, but also helps bring workers up-to-speed more quickly in their roles – an incredible asset to the onboarding process.


By capturing human activity data on the frontlines, management now has a detailed, accurate view of work performance across teams and sites.

Benefits and Results


Enabled faster onboarding for workers through digitized procedures


Reduced unplanned stoppages, which led to greater machine efficiency


Gained more granular human activity data into how work was being executed

About Parsable

Parsable helps the world’s largest industrial firms get jobs done right – every time. Parsable’s Connected Worker Platform enables employees to collaboratively execute their work using paperless, digital work instructions on mobile devices. In addition to measuring every step and action, workers can raise issues and provide feedback in real time so that every process is quickly analyzed and improved. With Parsable, companies gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, uncover detailed data about their work processes for continuous improvement, and attract new tech-savvy talent.